2017 Volunteer of the Year Banquet

We had another successful Volunteer of the Year banquet as the Friends of the Stones River National Battlefield honored several outstanding Battlefield volunteers.

Chief Ranger Jim Lewis presenting the Volunteer of the Year award to Bob Turpin

The volunteers of the Stones River National Battlefield display dedication and heart of service each day by performing task that otherwise would require more Battlefield personal thus requiring a bigger budget.  The Stones River National Battlefield would be unable to accomplish half of what we accomplish without our volunteers.

(L-R) Friends of the Stones River National Battlefield Jerry Lutes, Volunteer of the Year nominees Jo Wheeler and Bob Turpin, President Mike Liles, Volunteer of the Year nominee Diana Anderson, Battlefield Superintendent Brenda Waters and Volunteer of the Year nominee Mike Warfield.

The Stones River National Battlefield saw more than 2,000 individuals volunteer/donate more than 15,000 hours.  This is 15,000 ‘free’ hours in which the taxpayers did not have to pay.  The volunteers help ensure the Stones River National Battlefield provides absolutely the best visitor experience in the National Park Service.

Thanks to Jerry Lutes for taking on the role of Chairman of the event.  It was a grand event and everyone enjoyed the evening at Murfreesboro’s Carriage Lane reception House.

Chief Ranger Jim Lewis did a great job of explaining the roll of the volunteers and how significant their role is at the Park.  Eddie Macon’s daughter KayLynn handed out tickets for the door prizes and delivered the prizes when a number was called.  Thanks to Stones River National Battlefield for bringing door prizes.

Volunteer of the Year Nominees Jo Wheeler, Diana Anderson, Mike Warfield and Bob Turpin were give certificates, gift cards, dinner card and one year membership in the Friends Group.  Bob Turpin as the 2017 winner of Volunteer of the Year.  Bob received a plaque, certificate and a Lifetime membership in the Friends of the Stones River National Battlefield for his service.

President Mike Liles took the podium and announced that one additional presentation was to be made: the newly adopted President’s Award.  The President’s Award carries all the awards of the Volunteer of the Year but is open to non-registered volunteers and is only to be awarded on special occasions as deemed by the President.

Board member Eddie Macon is the first recipient of the award for his long and dedicated service to the Friends of the Stones River Battlefield.  Eddie shared how he considered his service a bridge during times when the enrollment was down. Eddie helped hold the ‘Friends’ group together till membership increased and did such a great service during tough times.  

Congratulations and many thanks to our Stones River National Battlefield volunteers!