Friends of the Stones River National Battlefield recognizes TrustPoint Hospital

TrustPoint Hospital, Murfreesboro, TN, November 20, 2018

TrustPoint Hospital CEO Beth Goodner admiring the two framed pictures donated to TrustPoint Hospital by the Friends of the Stones River National Battlefield.

Today, (November 20, 2018) the Board of Directors of the Friends of Stones River National Battlefield and President Ed Arning recognize TrustPoint Hospital and CEO Beth Goodner for their partnership with the friends group.  President Arning presented CEO Goodner two special framed pictures.  One is a reprint of the newspaper printed on the day of the Battle of Stones River.  The second picture, is a commissioned print from the Stones River National Battlefield.  The two pictures will decorate the halls of TrustPoint Hospital, which sits on the original site of the battle.  The battle started on December 31, 1862 and ended on January 2, 1863.  More than 80,000 troops met on the battlefield, enduring more than 23,000 casualties.

Stones River National Battlefield is a National Park, one of more than 400 parks in the nation.  The Battle fought here proved to be one of the most significant of the Civil War.

This Battlefield is a major tourist attraction for Rutherford County and has an economic impact of over $18.4 million annually.  The Battlefield has just over seven miles of walking trails and is planning to coordinate with TrustPoint Hospital and the Murfreesboro park system to expand the walking trails.

Past President Mike Liles presented the framed pictures to TrustPoint Hospital CEO Beth Goodner, stating, “TrustPoint Hospital is the ‘Friends’ first corporate sponsor and has been an important part of our volunteer effort, supporting the Stones River National Battlefield volunteers.  As a result of our partnership with TrustPoint, we have been able to develop a scholarship for an intern at the Battlefield.  We also are able to continue our support of the volunteers at the Battlefield.  Your (TrustPoint) dollars truly make a difference, Thank you TrustPoint.”